FPAN staff demonstrates activity for teachers

FPAN staff demonstrates activity for teachers

Archaeology is an extremely multi-disciplinary social science, and teachers can use the lure of the past to engage students in math, science, history, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and critical thinking. FPAN archaeologists can provide archaeology-themed in-service workshops for K-12 teachers in all subjects. Schedules range from half-day to multi-day, and include both lecture instruction and hands-on activities featuring archaeology-based lesson plans, activities, and projects that teachers can easily adapt for their classrooms.

All information and curricula presented directly relate to Common Core and Sunshine State Standards. Teachers receive workbooks, lesson plans, activity instructions, topics for discussion and writing assignments, CDs containing PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents of additional material for classroom use. In-service workshops can also focus on the Project Archaeology series of lessons.

FPAN staff are happy to work with District Subject Coordinators to make sure educators receive in-service credits.

Previous participants say:

“I believe that the lessons provided and demonstrated will be easily implemented and are excellent examples of Common Core objectives.

- Leon County Teacher

“Very useful to my specific needs.”

- Walton County Educator

“Florida is a cultural wonderland-Thank you for putting it into a teachable format for teachers.”

- Bay County Teacher

“I always like workshops that provide me with activities that I can immediately take back and use-thanks!”

- Wakulla County Teacher

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