Jupiter Inlet
Photo courtesy of State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Florida’s archaeology sites are a precious, nonrenewable resource. Here are some ways that citizens can help protect and preserve archaeology sites.

Florida Master Site File

Adding sites to the Florida Master Site File protects sites in two ways: it documents what is currently known about them, which can be helpful to archaeologists studying other sites nearby. Second, it creates a permanent record of the site that is provided when construction is set to take place in the area. If you believe you have a site on your property, please contact us, and we will put you in touch with someone who can help assess and document the resource.

Archaeological Ordinances:

Sites can also be protected through local legislation. Though state and federal laws protect much public land, local governments can get involved to preserve local archaeological resources. See the links below for examples of real archaeological and preservation ordinances that are locally in use (as well as one sample ordinance).