Parks & Preserves

Dubois Park contains the remains of a village and shell midden occupied by the Jobe and their predecessors from 1,000 years ago. Jonathan Dickinson, a Quaker merchant whose family and crew were shipwrecked in 1696, is through to have been held captive at this site.

Riverbend park is the site of the Seminole War, Battle of the Loxahatchee, which took place on Jan. 24, 1838. Although interpretive signage has not yet been developed there interpretation of the site is available in “Guns Across the Loxahatchee” by Richard Procyk.

This ship, originally named the Cashmere, was a merchant vessel with false gun ports painted along her sides to deter Sumatran and Javanese pirates. The shipwreck now lies between 15 and 20 feet of water. See also the Museums in the Sea website.