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Friday, May 4, 2012

Culturally La Florida: The Saltwater Frontier/ Townspeople in 18th-C

Time: 1:30 pm til 3:00 pm

Location: Flagler Auditorium, St. Augustine

Description: "The Saltwater Frontier: Specialists in Survival"
Dr. Amy Turner Bushnell

From the early years of the 18th-C through the U.S. Civil War, citizens of Florida lived under the threat of war, or war itself, & the constant presence of the military. This fighting or threat of conflict bound all peoples of Fl: whites, blacks, native Americans, free or enslaved, & it is the similarities of their lives & their common drive to adapt that serve as the focus of this enlightening program.

"Invaders, Privateers, Runaways, Renegades, & St. Augustine's Townspeople In 18th-Century La Florida"
Dr. Susan Parker

The residents of Spain's colony of La Florida were right in the middle of the "long century" of war. In the 1700s troops from the British colonies of South Carolina & Georgia invaded La Florida & laid siege to its capital of St. Augustine. Enemy privateers confiscated goods bound for Florida, while Spanish privateers countered with their own heists of food & money for St. Augustine. Indians & blacks ran from rival colonies to find refuge in Florida. Renegades, opportunists & scofflaws claimed whatever nationality benefited them at the moment.

This event is free and open

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FPAN is posting this event as a courtesy, we will neither be hosting nor attending this event.


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