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Thursday, Mar 15, 2012

Adventures in Northwest Florida Archaeology

Time: 6:30 pm til 7:30 pm

Location: TCC Wakulla Center, 5 Crescent Way, Crawfordville

Description: This lecture is part of the "Creeks, Conquistadors, and Confederates: Archaeology of the Big Bend" Lecture Series. This lecture series will take place during March 2012 to commemorate Florida Archaeology Month.Dr. Nancy White, Professor of Archaeology at the University of South Florida, will be presenting on USF's work in the Apalachicola River Valley. USF’s research in the Apalachicola Valley includes fieldwork adventure and brings alive 12,000 years of the human record. The first people, Paleo-Indians, settled off today’s main river. Climate change 10,000 years ago led to culture change in the Early Archaic period. The Late Archaic (4000+ years ago) brought the first pottery and social connections westward across the Gulf. Burial mounds with fancy artifacts appeared by Early Woodland times (ca. A.D. 100) and were abundant during Middle Woodland, through A.D. 650. Later, maize cultivation and political complexity characterized the late prehistoric Fort Walton-period chiefdoms. Spanish invaders did not enter the region but a few of their artifacts did. Population collapse may have led to in-migration of foreign natives after 1700. Later, Creeks from Alabama and Georgia moved

FPAN is co-hosting this event.

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