2018: Heritage at Risk

The places that make Florida special are under threat due to storms, erosion, modern development, looting, and sea level rise. Archaeologists, preservationists, and local communities are increasingly coming together to protect and document these fragile windows to the past before they are completely lost.

Florida Archaeology Month 2018 focuses on Heritage at Risk, highlighting some of the issues endangering Florida’s cultural heritage and the many amazing efforts to preserve it!

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Florida Archaeology Month:

Every March, statewide programs and events celebrating Florida Archaeology Month are designed to encourage Floridians and visitors to learn more about the archaeology and history of the state, and to preserve these important parts of Florida's rich cultural heritage. Plan to attend some of the many events throughout Florida during March 2018. A full listing of events can be found on the events page linked at the top of the page. Information about local events can also be found on the Florida Anthropological Society (FAS) Website, and on local FAS chapter Websites that can be accessed from the main FAS Webpage.